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Codeout's Masters in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting technological fields today! Knowledge of Deep Learning and Machine Learning is highly valued by companies creating cutting-edge technology. Professionals with these skills can expect their careers to skyrocket in the coming years. Codeout. in offers certifications and training in TensorFlow and Mahout to help you take advantage of career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.

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Masters in Artificial Intelligence Course Overview

The Artificial Intelligence online certification training offered by imparts intelligence on key AI concepts and intuition training. The training helps the candidates in understanding what is building truly unique AI as simple as changing a few lines of code?

Moreover, the training is the best way to learn how to optimize the AI to reach its maximum potential in the real world. The training enables of Complete beginner to expert AI skills, Code templates, Intuition Tutorials, Real-world solutions  and In-course support.Through Artificial Intelligence online training offered by the candidates would understand the structures and the difficulties and  methods of compressing it, so that they would be able to gain their desired position in the workplace.

The Artificial Intelligence Training helps the candidates in:

  • Understanding the concepts behind AI.
  • How AI can be optimized so that the maximum potential could be obtained.
  • The beginners learn how the codes come is combined and what lines mean?
  • Understanding how to create the environment for self driving Car
  • Understanding the procedure of building the AI
  • Understanding how could a trainee provide support to the Data Scientist
  • Earning fame in the workplace with handsome salary
  • Learn how to build AI that is adaptable to any environment in real life
  • How to build AI with no previous coding experience using Python

There is a constant increase in the number of firms adopting AI solutions in their organization with each passing year. The AI training program will help students develop skills that are essential for becoming proficient AI engineers. Moreover, you will learn about the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries and sectors and what are the advantages of using AI-based solutions.

m Icon The project-based training will help students acquire skills essential for becoming competent AI engineers and getting placed in a renowned firm.

 m Icon After completing the artificial intelligence training program, you can easily get a job as an AI engineer in a renowned firm with a salary package of ₹5,00,000-₹21,00,000 PA.

icon 3 As per a survey, around 97 million job opportunities will be created in the AI industry worldwide in the coming years.

The aim of the artificial intelligence training program is to make students competent AI engineers by giving them quality education. Furthermore, you will learn to develop AI solutions for enhancing a firm’s performance and increasing its profits. Things you will learn:

  • AI fundamentals
  • Python Statistics
  • Data Automation in AI
  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Databases – MySQL and SQL
  • Data Science Professional Program
  • Machine Learning

The main objective of artificial intelligence training is to give top-notch training to students that wish to make their career in the AI industry. The course is designed in such a way that a student can easily master all the concepts of AI. Moreover, the content of the course is developed in consultation with AI experts and keeping in mind the emerging demands of the artificial intelligence industry.

Why enroll for Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

AI is shaping the future of humanity across every industry and will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future.

The global AI market size was valued at USD 136.55B in 2022 and is expected to hit USD 1,597.1B by 2030 at a CAGR of 37.3% from
2023 to 2030.

As per, the base salary for Lead AI Engineer ranges from USD 157,302 to USD 191,127 with the average base salary of
USD 170,265.

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Skills Covered

About your Artificial Intelligence Certification Course

Course curriculum for the Masters in Artificial Intelligence

About your Masters in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, for example, are features of human intelligence that artificial intelligence may possess.

This module offers knowledge to introduce you to the basic principles based on statistical methods and procedures followed in data analysis. This course will help you to understand the work process involved with summarizing the data, data storage, visualizing the data results, and a hands-on approach with statistical analysis with python.

Data automation is the process of updating data on your open data portal programmatically, rather than manually. Any data that is updated manually risks being delayed because it is one more task an individual has to do as part of the rest of their workload.

Data Analysis is the process of bringing order and structure to collected data. It turns data into information teams can use. Data visualization is the process of putting data into a chart, graph, or other visual format that helps inform analysis and interpretation.

This module will help you to explore the query language SQL and its integration with My SQL to query the database. This module will help you to understand SQL access through data and the method to update and manipulate the data stored in the database. You will learn basic and advance concepts of MY SQL with complete practical exposure.

This course will help you to gain complete insights into the applied statistics, database systems, data preparation, and machine learning algorithms. The master in data science course will help you to gain a broad skill set to advance your career in respective fields such as data engineering, computer programming, and data architecture.

Machine learning courses help to understand the complete concepts behind the processing of Artificial intelligence and Computer science. With the Machine learning course, you will cover topics based on supervised and unsupervised learning along with the development of software and algorithms to extract predictions based on data.

The training offers complete career transitioning projects based on the current needs of the organization. These projects are guided by experts and help you to add more value to your profile. You will learn to initiate data science projects based on a high-level perspective helping you to understand and articulate the innovative solutions for topical real-time data science projects.

Course Structure

 – 6 Months Online Program
– 130+ Hours of Intensive Learning
– 9+ Assignments & 6+ Projects
– 2 Live Projects

Career Assistance

– Build an Impressive Resume
– Get Tips from Trainer to Clear Interviews
– Attend Mock-Up Interviews with Experts
– Get Interviews & Get Hired

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Why Choose Master in AI Certification Training from Codeout

Work on case studies based on top industry frameworks and connect your learning with real-time industry solutions right away.

All of our trainers and highly experienced, passionate about teaching and worked in the similar space for more than 3 years.

Wisely structured course content to help you in acquiring all the required industrial skills and grow like a superstar in the IT marketplace.

Case studies based on top industry frameworks help you to relate your learning with real-time based industry solutions.

Take your career at the top with collaborative learning at the where you could learn and grow in groups.

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About your Master in AI Certification Training

To unlock codeout’s Artificial Intelligence course completion certificate, you must ensure the following:
  • Completely participate in this Artificial Intelligence course.
  • Evaluation and completion of the quizzes and projects listed.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field with many opportunities for career growth and development. AI has the potential to transform industries such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and more, and as a result, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in this field.

There are many career paths available in AI, including machine learning engineer, data scientist, AI researcher, AI consultant, and more. These roles often require a combination of technical skills, such as programming and data analysis, as well as soft skills like communication and problem-solving.

Furthermore, the field of AI is constantly evolving, with new technologies and techniques emerging regularly. This means that AI professionals need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and continue learning throughout their careers, which can make for an exciting and challenging work environment. Overall, if you have a strong interest in technology and a passion for problem-solving, a career in AI could be a great choice.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complex and rapidly evolving field, learning its capabilities and functionality requires appropriate direction and a well-structured training path. Beginners interested in a career in Artificial Intelligence using Python can sign up for our training and earn certificates to demonstrate their expertise in this domain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) certification is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s job market, as businesses across all industries are seeking to integrate AI technology into their operations. Obtaining an AI certification can demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the skills and knowledge necessary to work with AI and can help you stand out from other candidates. 

Here are some potential benefits of obtaining an AI certification: 
  • Demonstrates expertise: An AI certification can help demonstrate your proficiency in a specific area of AI technology, such as machine learning or natural language processing. 
  • Increased job opportunities: Having an AI certification can help open doors to job opportunities that require knowledge of AI technology. This can include jobs in data analysis, software development, and other technical roles. 
  • Higher salary potential: In general, individuals with specialized technical skills, such as AI, can command higher salaries than those without such skills. An AI certification can help increase your earning potential. 
  • Competitive advantage: An AI certification can help you stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs or pursuing business opportunities. 
  • Professional development: Pursuing an AI certification can help you continue to learn and grow in your field, keeping you up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. 
Overall, obtaining an AI certification can be a valuable investment in your career and can help you stay competitive in the rapidly evolving job market.

Our Artificial Intelligence course is designed to develop skills and evaluate candidates’ knowledge. Following the completion of this certification, you will have access to a wide range of job possibilities. Some of the most important employment roles include AI Engineer, Data Scientist, NLP Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and others.

The Certificate ID can be verified at to check the authenticity of this certificate

Tools Covered

Tools Covered of Masters in Master in AI Certification

Job Outlook

About your Master in AI Certification Training program

₹6 LPA to ₹35 LPA

An artificial intelligence engineer can make around ₹5 LPA. On the other hand, an experienced AI engineer can make around ₹35 LPA

Job Opportunities

As per the reports of the World Economic Forum, the artificial intelligence industry will create approximately 97 million jobs by the year 2025.

Future Analytics

The global artificial intelligence (AI) software market is forecast to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching around 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Master in Artificial Intelligence reviews

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Artificial Intelligence Online Training FAQ’s

Artificial intelligence is used in various industries such as aeronautics, medical, education, automobile, banking, and electronics; bringing a range of career possibilities with it. With renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, Android, Instagram, and Facebook associated with Artificial Intelligence, getting Artificial Intelligence training can boost your professional importance that the industry demands.

Training for Artificial Intelligence can be pursued by anyone who is interested in the new technological advancements to take place in the coming years. All you need to have is the basic knowledge of concepts of physics, engineering, computer science, and mathematics. We provide training to professionals and corporate companies related to engineering, developing and machine designing industries.

Codeout Master AI training platform and conducts online training. All you need for getting the raining is a laptop or a computer with an internet connection that can support the required software.

The training will be provided by a team of experts who are certified and have completed training thousands of leaners in their many years of experience. These trainers are also your mentors who provide professional guidance whenever needed.

The training is conducted at time, date and duration as convenient for the learner. The timings of all courses at Multisoft are flexible and can be customized.

Training features offered to learners of various AI courses at Codeout include hands-on sessions and access to learning material so that they are never limited to theoretical knowledge and can revise the learning material anytime they want to, while pursuing the course or even later in their lifetime.

This completely depends on the learner. Training for AI courses is conducted as one-to-one or group training as needed by the learner. Generally, while professionals prefer individual training, corporate companies want their employees to be trained as a group.

We offers online training for a variety of Artificial Intelligence courses so that they can meet the varying needs and demands of industries and fields AI is spread across.

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