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Codeout's Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

Codeout. in offers comprehensive online Salesforce training curated by industry professionals. This training is designed to prepare you for the Salesforce Administrator Exam (CRT 101) and the Platform App Builder (CRT 403) certification exams. Throughout the course, you will gain hands-on experience in customizing your Salesforce application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes. You will also learn how to create a secure Salesforce environment, maintain clean data through imports, and develop high-value reports and dashboards. Additionally, the training covers workflow automation setup, empowering you to become a proficient Salesforce professional.

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Salesforce Certification Training Course Overview

At, we offer comprehensive Salesforce Administrator Training designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in managing and optimizing Salesforce CRM software. Salesforce is renowned for its ability to help firms build and maintain strong relationships with customers, track leads, store customer details, automate business flows, and gain valuable insights.

In our Salesforce Administrator Training, you will learn a wide range of topics, including Salesforce terminology, how the CRM software works, creating and managing users, understanding the various security features of Salesforce, customizing tabs, organizing data in Salesforce, and exploring different Salesforce Clouds, such as the Service Cloud.

Prerequisites for Salesforce Admin Training are minimal, as there are no strict requirements. However, having basic knowledge about Salesforce and its functions will be advantageous for a smooth learning experience. This course caters to individuals such as newbies seeking in-depth knowledge about Salesforce, Salesforce users with basic understanding of CRM software, aspiring Salesforce Administrators, and IT managers looking to enhance their skills.

By completing our Salesforce Administrator Certification, you will gain the expertise and confidence to effectively manage Salesforce and contribute to the success of your organization. Join us at to unlock your potential and embark on a rewarding journey in Salesforce administration.

At, our Salesforce Admin Course is designed to make you proficient in working with the core administration features of Salesforce. By taking up the Salesforce Admin Certification, you will learn to set up, configure, and manage Salesforce, while also exploring its various functions and features available for end-users.

Our comprehensive training program focuses on the following key aspects:

  1. Salesforce Terminology: Gain a deep understanding of Salesforce-specific terminology to effectively communicate and navigate the platform.

  2. User Interface Configuration: Learn to configure and customize the user interface of Salesforce, tailoring it to suit your organization’s needs.

  3. Functionality and Feature Management: Become comfortable working with various functions of Salesforce and explore its wide range of features.

  4. Security Features: Understand the different security features available in Salesforce and learn how to implement them to protect your organization’s data.

  5. Automation Implementation: Learn how to leverage Salesforce’s automation capabilities to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

  6. Customization of CRM Solution: Become proficient in customizing the features of the Salesforce CRM solution to align it with your organization’s requirements.

  7. User Creation and Management: Learn how to create and manage user profiles, roles, and permissions within Salesforce.

  8. Salesforce Cloud: Gain a comprehensive understanding of working with Salesforce Cloud and its specific functionalities.

  9. Service Cloud: Master the use of Service Cloud to effectively manage customer support and service processes.

Our expert trainers will guide you through the Salesforce Administrator Training, providing in-depth knowledge and practical insights. Throughout the course, you will learn how to set up, configure, and optimize Salesforce, as well as become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator.

By completing our Salesforce Administrator Certification, you will become a competent Salesforce Administrator, equipped with the skills and expertise to excel in managing and customizing Salesforce for your organization’s success. Join us at to embark on a transformative journey and unlock your full potential in Salesforce administration.

There is a huge demand for Salesforce Admin Training in the market, majorly because of its bright scope. This is mainly because of the benefits that a Salesforce Administrator provides to an organization.

  • As per Indeed and other leading job portals, an expert Salesforce Administrator can earn a hefty amount of money for his services.
  • On average a fresher Salesforce Administrator can earn around 5,00,000- 6,00,000 per year while working.
  • Whereas an experienced Salesforce administrator can earn around 11,00,000- 12,00,000 per year for his services.
  • In short, by obtaining Salesforce Admin Course, you will earn handsome remuneration by working as Salesforce Administrator in an organization.

Salesforce Admins are proficient in working with different Salesforce products and their functions and features that are available for use for end-users. Companies employ them for administering their Salesforce systems, training their staff about different Salesforce products, managing their sales databases, etc. But the responsibilities of a Salesforce Admin may vary from company to company. Moreover, by enrolling in the Salesforce Admin Certification, you will understand every role in a much better way.

  • Here are some of the major responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator:
  • Optimize Salesforce systems/products
  • Setup, upgrade, and configure Salesforce systems
  • Manage users, workflows, and groups
  • Import leads data, contact data, and other useful data into Salesforce systems
  • Manage Sales Cloud
  • Build custom reports/dashboards on Salesforce systems
  • Perform database maintenance tasks

Once you complete the Salesforce Admin Training, you will get a globally recognized certification for validating your skills. Moreover, you will be prepared to clear the Salesforce Admin Course exam very easily. Besides this, you will receive 100% placement support from our dedicated placement team.

Advantages of getting Salesforce Admin Certification:

  1. Globally recognized certificate
  2. Huge remuneration
  3. Increased worth in the job market
  4. Help you demonstrate your competence in working with Salesforce CRM.

"Become a Salesforce Developer and unlock limitless possibilities in the world of cloud-based enterprise solutions."

"Master the art of Salesforce development and shape the future of digital transformation."

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Why enroll for Salesforce Certification Training?

About your Salesforce Certification Training

Salesforce dominates the CRM market with a 19.8% market share, surpassing the combined market share of its top four competitors.

Salesforce is trusted by top MNCs such as American Express, Vodafone, Toyota, Philips, Barclays, IDFC, L&T, PUMA, and Spotify worldwide.

As per, a Salesforce administrator can earn an average annual salary of $110,000 along with a cash bonus of $5,000 per year.

Salesforce Certification Training Benefits

The global salesforce services market is set to top US$ 13 Bn in 2022, and is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 14.4% to reach a valuation of US$ 33.5 Bn by 2029. 

Career Advancement

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with industry-recognized Salesforce certifications. Stand out to employers and enhance your career opportunities as a certified Salesforce professional.

Expertise and Knowledge

Acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in Salesforce administration, customization, data management, automation, and more. Master the tools and techniques required to excel in Salesforce implementation and optimization.

Credibility and Recognition

Earn the trust and confidence of employers, clients, and peers with official Salesforce certifications. Showcase your expertise and commitment to excellence, boosting your professional credibility and opening doors to new opportunities.

Course curriculum for Salesforce Certification program

About your Salesforce Certification Training

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Service and Deployment models in the Cloud
  • Market situation
  • Cloud Ownership
  • Introduction to SF1 and Platform
  • Declarative & Programmatic Options in
  • Meta-data Driven Architecture
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Business and IT benefits
  • Use of SF1
  • Sign-up for a Free Environment / Org
  • Adding company logo
  • Benefits of System overview
  • Salesforce Key Building Blocks
  • Editions and Different Environments Available
  • MVC Pattern
  • Student App
  • Student App Master Basic Data Model
  • Student Master and Marks/Grades
  • Student Master Basic Security Model
  • Student Master Reports
  • Student Master Application Scope
  • Custom Objects and understand various properties in the Object definition section
  • Standard objects
  • Field and Data Types
  • Custom Field Properties
  • Field Dependencies
  • Types of Relationship Fields
  • Search Layouts
  • Security Model Mind Map
  • System Level or Org Level Security
  • User Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Permission Sets
  • Profile and Permissions Sets
  • Password Policy
  • IP Address security
  • Login hours
  • Session settings
  • Activations
  • Page layout assignment
  • Tab setting
  • Field level security
  • Security Model Mind Map
  • Record Level and Object Level
  • Organization wide defaults
  • Organization wide defaults – Student App
  • Role and Role Hierarchy
  • Criteria Based Sharing
  • Different ways to gain Record Level Access
  • Public Group
  • Queue
  • Public group Vs Queue
  • Business Logic Mind Map
  • Different Options to Implement Business Logic
  • Functions
  • Formula
  • Validation Rules
  • Rollup Summary Fields
  • Record Types and Page Layouts
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Requirements – Workflow Rules
  • Workflow – Actions (Time When Action Takes Place)
  • Workflow – Actions
  • Workflow – Considerations
  • Approvals – Introduction
  • Approvals – How to Create A Process
  • Approvals – Actions
  • Approvals – How and What Can Approvers Do
  • Sales Cloud
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Productivity Features
  • Lead Management
  • Lead auto response
  • Lead assignment
  • Web to lead
  • Accounts and Contacts Management
  • Opportunities
  • Campaign Management
  • Price Book, Products, Price Book Entries
  • Service Cloud
  • Case Management
  • Typical Service and Support Process
  • Automation – Web2Case and Auto-Response
  • Automation – Email2Case
  • Automation – Assignment Rules
  • Automation – Escalation Rules
  • Email Templates in Case Management
  • Channels
  • Case Resolution – Solutions
  • Case Resolution Using Knowledge
  • Communities Basics
  • Communities Setup and Administration
  • Communities – Ideas and Answers
  • Data Handling and Processing Overview
  • Exporting data and Regular Backup
  • External ID and Unique Fields
  • Import Data
  • Apex Data loader
  • Import Wizard and Data Loader and compare the features, Update, Upsert operations, Delete and Hard Delete records
  • Transfer record ownership
  • Report with and without modifications
  • Tabular report, summary and matrix report
  • Report and Security
  • Report Builder and Standard Reports Available
  • Custom report type and store in a folder
  • User filters in reports
  • Dashboard
  • Bucket field
  • Tabular Report significance
  • Summary report significance
  • Matrix report significance
  • Joined report significance
  • Dynamic dashboard

Course Structure

 – 6 Months Online Program
– 130+ Hours of Intensive Learning
– 9+ Assignments & 6+ Projects
– 2 Live Projects

Career Assistance

– Build an Impressive Resume
– Get Tips from Trainer to Clear Interviews
– Attend Mock-Up Interviews with Experts
– Get Interviews & Get Hired

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Skills Covered

About your Salesforce Certification Training

Why Salesforce Admin Certification Training from Codeout

  • World-Class Instructors
  • Expert-Led Mentoring Sessions
  • Instant doubt clearing
  • Course Access Never Expires
  • Free Access to Future Updates
  • Unlimited Access to Course Content
  • One-On-One Learning Assistance
  • Help Desk Support
  • Resolve Doubts in Real-time
  • Industry-Relevant Projects
  • Course Demo Dataset & Files
  • Quizzes & Assignments
  • Codeout Training Certificate
  • Graded Performance Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion

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Who can go for this Salesforce Certification?

Codeout® Training Certification

About your Salesforce Certification Training offers globally recognized training programs that provide participants with a certification upon successful completion. These certificates are widely accepted and acknowledged worldwide.

At, we are proud to offer training programs that come with lifetime validity. This means that once you have completed one of our courses and received a training certificate, you will have access to it for the rest of your life.

 At, enrolling in your desired course is easy. You can simply click the “Enrol Now” button on the course page to directly enrol. Additionally, you can speak with a training advisor on WhatsApp or call to get personalized guidance. We also offer customized training programs across various domains and skills to meet your specific needs.

At, our training programs are delivered by certified industry experts who have years of experience in their relevant domains. Our global subject matter experts impart knowledge on a wide variety of training courses through one-on-one and corporate training sessions. We are committed to providing our students with high-quality, practical training that will help them excel in their careers.

At, we provide training and certification programs that can help our participants to stand out in the competitive job market. Our certification is internationally recognized, which means that our participants can showcase their skills and knowledge to employers worldwide. With our training and certification programs, participants can improve their employability and advance their career prospects.

Job Outlook

About your Salesforce Certification Training program

Competitive Salaries:

This career pays a competitive salary. According to Glassdoor, the average salary pay in the Salesforce Admin domain is Starts from ₹3,69,000 in India.

In-Demand Job:

These are the most in-demand jobs based on career growth and learning & Freedom to choose various fields of Salesforce

Increase in Global Digital Population:

According to Statista, approximately 55% of the global Businesses are use Salesforce

Our Student Testimonials

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Salesforce certification Training FAQ’s

Salesforce Certificate Training is a comprehensive program designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills required for Salesforce administration and platform app building. It prepares individuals for Salesforce certification exams, validating their expertise in Salesforce.

Salesforce Certificate Training is beneficial for professionals aspiring to start or advance their careers in Salesforce administration and platform app development. It is suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience, including beginners and experienced professionals looking to gain official Salesforce certifications.

In Salesforce Certificate Training, you will learn how to customize Salesforce applications, create secure environments, maintain data integrity, generate meaningful reports and dashboards, and automate workflows. The training covers essential topics to help you become proficient in Salesforce administration and platform app building.

The duration of Salesforce Certificate Training varies depending on the specific course and training provider. It can range from a few weeks to a few months, with options for both self-paced and instructor-led training.
While completion of Salesforce Certificate Training prepares you for Salesforce certification exams, the actual certification is awarded by Salesforce upon successfully passing the exams. Training providers often offer assistance and guidance to help you prepare for the certification exams.

Salesforce’s certification enhances your credibility as a Salesforce professional, making you stand out to employers and clients. It increases your job prospects, opens up new career opportunities, and can lead to higher earning potential in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Remember to consult the specific training provider for detailed information about their Salesforce Certificate Training program.

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